Invitation letter : English
KAPA 2022 Annual International Conference
President’s Welcome Letter

Sook Yeon, Won

Dear members of the Korean Association for Public Administration,

The Korean Association of Public Administration(KAPA) will hold its 2022 Summer International Conference in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do. With the main theme of “Green, Digital, COVID 19: Rethinking Public Administration in an Era of the Great Transformation,” more than 700 papers will be presented by renowned scholars and practitioners. Above all, this year’s conference will be an ‘arena of collective intelligence’ with the participation of major government entities, public institutions across various fields, and international organizations such as WHO (World Health Organization), magnifying the significance of this meeting.

The COVID-19 pandemic has gone beyond changing the way of life for all mankind, and is fundamentally questioning the reason for the existence of the state and government’s roles. In addition, the deteriorating competition between the US and China for hegemony, the neo-Cold War response, the instability of global supply chain, and the emergence of new protectionism are formidable challenges to our government. The strong wave of the Great Green and Digital Transformation as well as rising inequality in terms of income, class, generation, and region, and social conflicts are further deepening the government's concerns.
Dear members of the KAPA
In the middle of these challenges, the KAPA as the most preeminent intellectual community and researchers are asked to generate realistic and sustainable solutions. In order to do so, we will discuss future governments going beyond the ‘legacy government,’ and new forms of collaborative governance. Also we will consider opportunities and challenges inherent in digital governance, the new direction of a sustainable green transition, and the resilience of our society after the pandemic. Most importantly, it will be a time of essential reflection, reaffirming the importance of public values in an era of great transformation.
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to President Hae-gu Jung of the National Research Council, Dean Jong-Il You of KDI School, and Governor Young-rok Kim of Jeollanam-do for their invaluable support to make this event happen. I would also like to express my gratitude to institutions and related personnel for their assistance.
Finally, this meaningful occasion would not have been possible without the dedication from the KAPA’s various committees as well as the executives and the secretariat. I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation once again.
We would like to ask for your enthusiastic interest and participation in the Summer International Conference at Yeosu, which is called ‘the Naples of Korea’.
Thank You.

Sook Yeon, Won

The President, Korean Association of Public Administration